Becas para el Master en Ingeniería de las Comunicaciones en Finlandia

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Master's degree, Master's degree


Computer Science, Mathematics, and Information Sciences, Engineering and technology


Aalto University

You are eligible to apply in master's admissions if you have a bachelor’s degree. The bachelor's degree must be equivalent to 180 ECTS (European credit transfer system) or three years of full-time study. The degree must give eligibility to apply for master’s degree studies at a university in the awarding country. The awarding higher education institution has to be a recognized as part of the official national education system of the country. It has to be accredited as a degree-granting higher education institution by the country where it is located or by a relevant international organization (such as UNESCO).



The Nordics are the focal point of communications engineering. Two of the top three industry-leaders, Nokia and Ericsson, have grown here and are proof of the Nordics being the world’s leading telecom cluster. Other major equipment manufacturers (e.g. Huawei, Airbus Defence and Space) are present in Finland, making the ICT industry even stronger.

Aalto University and the Master’s Programme in Computer, Communication and Information Sciences – Communications Engineering work closely with the described industry, guaranteeing excellent employment opportunities. Besides the telecom sector, other industrial sectors and governmental organisations are looking to hire Communications Engineering graduates. Usually, the career path starts already during studies – for example in the form of an internship, project work or a thesis carried out for a company.



(See exact dates in Terms and Conditions)

The call is usually made between the months of diciembre and enero.


2 years


To be decided by the institutions.



Total, half or part scholarships depending on academic merit and availability.


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