Becas de Grado en Ingeniería, Información y Tecnologías de la Comunicación en Finlandia

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Computación, matemáticas y ciencias de la información, Ingeniería y tecnología


University of Applied Sciences of Jyväskylä

Eligibility to apply for higher education studies can be obtained with a General upper secondary school, Vocational qualification, International Baccalaureate, Vocational college diploma or higher vocational diploma, Foreign degree/qualification which gives eligibility for higher education in the awarding country. You can apply even if your high school/senior secondary school degree certificate is completed during the spring of applying.



ICT (Information and Communications Technology) skills have a high demand today. Many devices, such as household appliances and various entertainment services, use the Internet. Traditional, physical customer service locations in banks, insurance institutions, and public agencies have been replaced by Internet-based electronic services. These services are produced as cloud service in data centres, where large amounts of data are analysed. Artificial intelligence recommends services, songs, or products for purchase. How are these digital services produced in a secure manner and the users' trust in the use of the services ensured? The rapidly developing sector needs new experts who are able to apply new technologies to various innovations. Good examples include cyber security, the game industry, social media, cloud services, augmented reality, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and the 'Internet of Everything’ which has created a lot of buzz in the field.

After graduating from the degree programme, you will have both software and information technology skills.

You will learn how to design the software requirements specifications, and implement the software, in accordance with these specifications. The logic and most common algorithms of programming will also be clear to you. You will have a comprehensive understanding of software industry.



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La convocatoria se realiza habitualmente entre los meses de diciembre y enero.


4 years


A decidir por las instituciones.



Scholarship: 50% of the tuition fee.


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