Becas AKS para graduados en Corea del Sur

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Corea del Sur

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Humanidades, Ciencias sociales y comunicación


Nationality: The applicant should be either a foreign national or a Korean national who has completed education outside of Korea which is compatible with Korea‘s elementary, middle, high school and college education.
Educational Background : Applicants must meet one of the following conditions:
1. Applicants are enrolled in a master’s or a doctoral degree
program at an overseas university.
2.Applicants completed coursework and are in the status of ABD
(All But Dissertation) in a master's degree program at an overseas university.
ABD students in a doctoral degree program at an overseas university is not eligible for AKS Graduate Fellowship, but for AKS Fellowship run by the AKS’ Center for International Affairs.
Recruitment announcement at:
Research topic : An applicant's research topic should pertain to Korea/Korean studies.
A high level of proficiency in Korean language is preferred.
Previous AKS Graduate Fellows are not eligible to apply again.



The AKS Graduate Fellowship is GSKS’ non-degree program which
invites international graduate students to the AKS and supports them for six months, providing them with a momentum to grow to be a next
generation of promising scholars in Korean studies.



(Ver fechas exactas en Bases y Condiciones)

La convocatoria se realiza habitualmente entre los meses de marzo y abril del mismo año de inicio de la beca.


6 Months


Las becas serán realizadas a partir de septiembre por 6 meses.



-Monthly stipend is provided.
-An economy-class round trip airfare at actual expense is provided.
* Please see the attachment.
-The on-campus guesthouse is available free of charge.
- Fellows will designate one of the AKS’ professors whose specialty is
most relevant to their research topic as their academic advisor, who
will guide them through the fellowship period.
-Access to the AKS facilities including the library and Jangseogak
Archives is given.
-Korean language courses as well as cultural experience program are
offered free of charge.



Academy Of Korean Studies
Corea del Sur
Email de consulta:
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